Turiya Yoga & Childbirth Services

Turiya Yoga & Childbirth Services

“There is a light that shines beyond all light on Earth and all radiance. That is the light within us.” — Chandogya Upanishad

Southlake, TX
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Melissa Prouty
ERYT-200® & Certified Birth Doula

Melissa Prouty, ERYT 200, came to yoga from a Muay Thai, gymnastics, and snowboarding background. While living in Los Angeles, she tried her first yoga class, finding the concept of stillness and going within far too complicated and contrary to her hectic lifestyle and stressful sales career. Fast forward a few years, and as the saying goes, “when the student is ready the Teacher appears”. Feeling the strain of her fast-paced lifestyle, Melissa was instantly drawn in by the spiritual and healing aspects of yoga. She experienced not only the physical benefits of her time on the mat practicing Ashtanga and Shadow Yoga, but more importantly, Melissa felt her first glimmers of stillness in motion as she experienced calmness, an inner peace.

As a Breast Cancer Survivor, Melissa feels blessed to know and understand the softer, gentler & quiet side of yoga, which facilitates healing and restoration of the body and soul. She feels privileged to have studied various different forms of yoga including Ashtanga, Iyengar, Kundalini, Shadow, and Yin from teachers around the world. Melissa has had the honor to study with many inspiring teachers like Tias & Surya Little, Saul David Raye, Bridget Kramer Woods, Annie Carpenter, and Rod Stryker who all influence her teaching.

Melissa has over logged 1200+ hours working with students on the mat. Her zest for sharing the joys of yoga and her commitment to safety in class has inspired Melissa to embark upon her 500-hour certification with Yoga Anatomy Guru Tias Little at Prajna Yoga in Santa Fe, NM. Melissa’s studies with Tias include trigger point work, myo-fascial release, marma point therapy, and a deeper study of the ancient teachings of yoga.

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Angela Banks

Angela first discovered Yoga in her teen years reading the book Lilias, Yoga and You by, Lilias Folan. With that book she fell in love with idea of yoga and meditation. She took her first class in 1997, a donation class at a church, with that class she fell in love with the stillness of the mind and with the breath of Yoga. She found Yoga again in the year 2000 at a gym and learned what Yoga could do for her body physically. In 2010 she began an earnest search for a Yoga studio and a teacher. She enrolled in the in depth studies at Yoga Island and earned her 200 RYT teaching certificate in May 2011. Angela has been sharing her practice with students since then with a gentle approach and a focus on awareness and mindfulness. When not on the matt you can find her roaming through the woods, pedaling down paths, sailing with the wind or swimming with the fishes.

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Brooke Casey

Brooke first discovered yoga through an introductory book. A couple of years later she was then acquainted with vinyasa and Ashtanga classes. At this point she started to understand the powers of bringing the mind, breath, and body together. Even when there was a break in her physical yoga practice, Brooke always remembered its benefits which would help bring her back to the mat.

“I just know that I’m in a happier place when I practice yoga. It truly keeps me grounded.”

Brooke has studied yoga over ten years. In 2008 she received her Yoga Alliance accredited yoga certification. In June-July 2009, she completed a 100-hour Ashtanga teacher training intensive with Tim Miller in Encinitas, California. Brooke completed Level One Baptiste teacher training with Baron Baptiste. She also holds certification for levels 1-3 through Radiant Child Yoga. She has also attended workshops and teacher trainings with Judith Lasater, Doug Swenson, Beryl Bender Birch, Tias Little, Susi Hately Aldous, Wade Morissette, and Philip Urso.

Brooke hopes by teaching that she can help pass along what she has been blessed to learn and continues to learn from practicing yoga. During her classes, she wishes to bring out the power and confidence within each of her students by encouragement and compassion.

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Susanne Hutchinson

Through an atmosphere of compassion, acceptance, and approachability, Susanne guides her students to discover something new about themselves on the mat, perhaps finding a little relaxation or a deeper stretch along the way. Susanne firmly believes in the accessibility of yoga, and that anyone can experience its joy as well as its physical benefits.

Susanne first stepped onto a yoga mat in 2004 searching for a way to alleviate stress and anxiety. In addition to experiencing a new sense of calm, she quickly noticed yoga’s strength building capabilities and has been a devoted practitioner ever since, exploring many different styles and teachers. Susanne completed her 200 hour training at Yoga Island and registered with Yoga Alliance in 2011, and is currently working on her 500 hour training. Off the mat, Susanne enjoys traveling, teaching and taking Zumba classes, and laughing with family and friends.

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Leanne Hutcherson

Leanne is a devoted Yoga and Pilates Teacher with over 8 years of experience. She also comes from a background in 2002 as a Personal Trainer, and Group Fitness Instructor. Her entire life she has had a passion for dance, gymnastics and strength. She spent many hours training and practicing for local competitions as a student in her younger years. She is so grateful to her parents and teachers that sparked her creativity as a child. Today, she is dedicated to giving back by teaching with laughter, awareness, integrity and compassion. She conducts workshops that transform students in all walks of life. She connects and inspires her students in every class. She can challenge you to your knees yet bring out the best in everyone. As an Adult it is so important to continue growing in life. On a personal, physical and spiritual level in order to maintain balance.

“Prior to becoming a Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor, I left a successful career in the Software Industry. I felt a calling to pursue a change, to experience health and wellness shifting my life into balance. I learned to overcome anxiety, fear and obsessive-compulsive tendencies.” Then she became certified in Personal Training at the Cooper Institute in 2002. Leanne was introduced to yoga in 2004; she felt right at home with it and started teaching at her local gym. A few years later she enrolled at the Dallas Yoga Center to attain her 200 RYT. She has a style that combines a vigorous “flow” style with emphasis on intention and breath developing personal awareness into self- realization. People rave about the experiences of mind-body openings “living your best life possible.” Creating new karma on the mat is what it’s all about.

In September, 2012, Leanne completed her 300 RYT through Purple Lotus Yoga School. She studied therapeutic approaches to Yoga, Philosophy, Vinyasa Krama, and Special Populations.

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Daniela Lee
RYT-200® & Certified Childbirth Educator

My name is Daniela Lee, I am married and the mother of four beautiful children, all born naturally. I found it very helpful to apply the techniques I learned in my yoga practice to deal with the pain, stress, and everyday discomforts during my pregnancies and births.

My conviction, that woman have the innate power to birth their babies naturally, made me pursed the path of teaching yoga, training at Divine Center of Yoga and childbirth education as a Birth Boot Camp instructor.

I strive to help woman to prepare mentally, physically, and emotionally to fulfill the most transcendent moment of their life; the birth of their baby.

My hope is that my students come away feeling self-empowered, and in tune with their intuition, so they can make the best decisions for themselves and their baby.

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Tonya McDaniels

Tonya began her yoga practice as a young college student while attending the University of Texas at Arlington. At that time, she relied on the basics of what she learned by various yoga DVD instructional videos and power yoga classes at gyms. During the intense studies to finish her B.S. in Biology, she took a course in yoga offered at UTA and began incorporating meditation and pranayama techniques to curb her test anxiety during the difficult Chemistry and Calculus exams.

In March of 2012, she encountered severe back disharmony, which required her to use a walker to get around for most of the Spring season. Her doctor encouraged her to continue her yoga practice ensuring her it would help heal her ailments. During this time, she realized the negative work environment she was surrounded in was increasing her back disharmony flare-ups. She credits her Balanced Hatha practice and Yoga Alliance 200-hr training in aiding in the healing of her back. She studied with local teachers Jackie Romero and Lisa Marshall, and attended workshops with Ross Rayburn, where she learned the principles of correct body alignment to obtain the body’s optimal blueprint for each asana. She embraces that each body is different and encourages the use of props to feel harmony in every pose.

In combination with her yoga experience, Tonya has a strong background in animal care and husbandry, working 8 years as a veterinary technician. She spends her free time volunteering at a local zoo, educating the public on environmental and sustainable practices, and spending time with her loving husband and various four-legged, winged, and reptilian children. She loves spending time in Oregon, where despite all the overcast, the trees stand tall and strong.

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Sheri Ruiz

My very first yoga class was shortly after my first daughter was born (9 yrs ago), and went several times. After a six year hiatus from my introduction, I went to a class at 24 hour fitness here in Southlake. After several months of a consistent practice, I stumbled upon Divine.

I became a yoga addict.

My practice allows me to connect with my body in a way that nothing else has. It encourages me to breathe and center. My asana practice inspired me to learn more about the world of yoga. After 2 1/2 years of a consistent practice, I took the next step for teacher training. I did the training for many reasons. I wanted to learn more about this "lifestyle", and wanted to be a me to offer others a way to connect with themselves and have more peace within their lives. As a forty year old mother of two, appreciating your body, having peace, and connecting with your authentic self is a challenging task. The practice of yoga helps accomplish those things.

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Laura Scott

I first came to yoga at the age of 20 in attempt to alleviate the pain from the disease, tarui’s syndrome, a form of muscular dystrophy that I was diagnosed with at the age of 17. Tired of the woozy effects from muscle relaxers, I decided to try a more natural approach to keeping my pain under control. Within a year I was off the meds and on the mat. Yoga not only helped me develop better patience and understanding of my body, mind, and spirit, but it helped me appreciate them and their connection to the universe. I fell in love with the practice and soon felt the calling to spread such joy to others. In early 2012 I spent two months in northern India traveling to different ashrams, studying different forms of yoga and farming. I came back to the states and in September took my 200 hr fast track at Namha Shivaya in Dallas. I’ve been teaching a hatha based practice and yin ever since and have enjoyed every bit of it. I firmly believe that we can all do yoga and no matter where we are or what we are going through, the practice enhances life.

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Jackie Smallwood

Jackie began her yoga practice in 2008. She was leaving the corporate world and looking for a change. What she craved was peace and balance in her hectic lifestyle. She stumbled across a book that piqued her curiosity into yoga and meditation. The more she read, the more she felt drawn to actually taking a class. It only took one and she was hooked. After 3 months of a consistent practice, she felt more peaceful and balanced, than ever before. The benefits of yoga seemed to be endless.

She wanted to share with others what she was learning and so she enrolled in teacher training. She graduated in Dec 2009 with a 500hr certification in Hatha Yoga and is a registered RYT. She continued to learn more styles of yoga and now teaches a variety of classes full time. She even loves to combine different styles of yoga together into one class. Her pain-free teaching style is somewhat unique in that she explains each pose, the goal, how to get in/out of it and how to strengthen it.

Her students describe her as "… compassionate toward beginner yogis and yet challenging enough for experienced yogis." After teaching 2 yrs, she felt inspired to teach donation meditation classes and now she writes her own meditations and produces them for access anytime and from anywhere. Jackies' goal is to help others find peace. Through yoga and meditation, her guidance is helping others to understand how the mind, body and breath can work together to promote balance within themselves and with others.

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